Running a game server inside a linux container is not an easy task. This specification is aimed at standardizing game server containers to both simplify the process of containerizing a game server, and also increase compatibility between different containers.


A lot of similarities exist between game servers, and as such there are many opportunities for abstraction. By adhering to a specification for a game server container, with a well defined interface, we can make composable, pluggable containers, for different types of game servers. The Game Server Container Specification aims to provide json schemas, documentation and guidelines, and also tooling around creating containers for game servers, in order to standardize the configuration, deployment and management process.

Getting Started

To start building game server containers with the specification, check out the project wiki:

To start deploying game servers in containers, see the repo registry page, and follow the guidelines on deploying a game server container

What is a GSCS repository?

The GSCS specification requires a metadata json file, describing which docker images should be used for the various components, and how these components should be interacted with. Generally this metadata file is bundled with the primary game server repository.

For more information on a GSCS repository, see the GSCS overview